veggie babies

27 Aug

My husband and I made the decision to raise our children as vegetarians – we are, or at least I am and it’s just easier to not have to make separate meals for everyone. I’ve been having a hard time coming up with meal plans for them – so basically my plan of not having to make separate meals for everyone, yeah…that is exactly what is happening. Anyway, we’ve been trying out new food with them since they’ve been home. They have some definite favorites and some definite not favorites. So, inspired by Christine’s recent posts about veganism, I thought I’d share some of the babies’ favorite recipes.

One of their favorites, that gets them super excited and makes them dance around in their high chairs is Honolulu Skillet Beans (although my husband made it with black eyed peas and not pinto). They go berserk when we make this for them. I think it’s the pineapples. They love pineapples. Another favorite of theirs is steamed broccoli florets mixed with either couscous or rice and mixed with peanut sauce. (I have an elaborate peanut sauce I used to make, but for the babies I just melt some peanut butter and thin it with water to make a sauce). So, what I’m learning is that if there’s pineapple or peanut butter involved, the babies love it…they also really like my husband’s cream of spinach soup, a lot.

In reality, they’re both really good eaters and have pretty much eaten everything we’ve given them. Miss B is sometimes a bit picky, but will eventually eat anything after thoroughly tasting it. Mr L will eat anything, literally anything – in fact this morning I caught him putting a seed bead that he’d found on the floor in his mouth…I did not approve of that.

I think my reason for writing this is that I have no idea what to make them for dinner tonight…I should really plan out their meals on a chart or something.


2 Responses to “veggie babies”

  1. Corey August 29, 2010 at 19:54 #

    Beautiful babies! I want to eat THEM up! I’ll bet they would like the sos pwa nwa recipe on my site (toned down some.. watch the jalapenos!) It is Haitian but I’ll bet they had something similar in DRC.

    • Chantal August 30, 2010 at 15:28 #

      I looked at your sos pwa nwa recipe before and thought it sounded good – but for some reason, it never dawned on my to make it for the babies…I think I might try to make it this week. At any rate the ingredients are on our grocery list!

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