14 Apr

I have two dogs, Hartley and Miss Josephine. We’ve had Hartley for 7 years, since he was a puppy. He’s my buddy, before we got Miss Josephine, I would take him everywhere with me – even to work! He’s a friendly fellow and he loves everyone.

Mr Sad Eyes Strikes Again!
This is Hartley. They told us that he was a cockapoo when we got him. Clearly there’s no poodle in my dog, that’s okay he’s still very adorable. He’s also a master at flipping over trashcans and giving sad eyes.

Josie, Swaddled

This is Miss Josephine. We got her a few years ago from our local animal control. The woman running the place told us after we signed the papers that we were going to keep her, told us that Josie was scheduled to be put down a few days earlier but that she had hidden Josie because she “knew” that there was a family that would save her. We’re unsure of her background and her age – we’ve been told she’s anywhere between 4 and 9…that’s too much of a gap to even guess. She’s very hyperactive and there was some abuse in her background, but she also loves every single person she has met – and she lives for cuddling and being swaddled in soft blankets – regardless of the actual temperature in the house. She’s also without a doubt my husband’s dog, from the first moment she saw him, she has been in head over heels in love with him.

The reason I thought to write about the dogs today is that we’re soon going over to Africa to get the babies. Having them home will not only mean a huge change for my husband and me, but also for the dogs (and the cats, but they’re another post). I’m worried about how the dogs will react to two new little people running, or crawling, around the house. I’m trying not to worry too much, because lots of people have had children and had dogs beforehand, but I can’t help but worry about it.

2 Responses to “Dogs!!”

  1. Llyra April 14, 2010 at 21:24 #

    How much exposure to English will the children have had? Or, alternately, how much exposure to the language that THEY speak will you guys have had?

    They’re both at an age where you can explain “gentle” and “only pet the dog with one finger” (which we’ve had to use on my best friend’s son, as he likes to pull the cats’ tails). It may take some time. Make sure that the dogs both have a place that they can retreat to that the kids don’t go.

    Have the dogs been around kids much? Take them to a park or something, maybe, where there’s lots of kids running around and screaming. See how they do. 🙂

    (Josie is utterly gorgeous, by the way)

  2. varouna April 15, 2010 at 18:08 #

    Josie is gorgeous because she’s not hitting you! She likes to hit us when we’re not petting her enough. Sadly, despite all her neurotic tendencies, I still don’t understand why anyone gave her up.

    Anyway, these are pretty good ideas about the dogs. I have a friend with a 5 year old and she’s brought her daughter over a few times. Hartley wants nothing to do with her and just eyeballs her, while Josie seems to want to play with her (we’re thinking that maybe her former owners had kids?). Hartley used to be around kids a lot when we got him as our neighborhood, at the time, had a lot of little kids and they all loved Hartley – since we’ve moved here, no kids.

    We had been taking them to the dog park a lot and Josie really liked the little kids she would see there. Hartley didn’t care either way. We had to stop the dog park when Josie jumped on and pinned a German Shepard that was a good 50 pounds heavier than her. It was too embarrassing for us…

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