New Orleans weekend

13 Apr

My husband had to go to New Orleans this past weekend for the Amnesty International Annual General Meeting – he’s a country specialist for them (for Central Africa). Since he was driving and I’d never been, I decided to tag along.

I had a pretty good weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I really liked New Orleans. I loved the architecture and the food! I did not love the heat, but it was only for a couple days, so I was okay. My favorite place we went to was The Green Goddess, a fairly new restaurant. I easily had the best meal of my life there! I got the Warm Andalusian Goat Cheese Salad and shared the veggies with dipping sauce with my husband. He ordered the “The Old-Fashioned” Gulf Fish Meuniere – which I tasted and it was so good!! But seriously, that warm goat cheese salad with blood oranges and olives – amazing!!!

Anyway, whilst wandering around the French Quarter near the AI conference, we stumbled upon a pharmacy museum and went in. The first floor had a bunch of pharmacy related things, so I went outside and couldn’t believe what I saw:

courtyard of pharmacy museum

It was so amazing that it literally took my breathe away! Can you imagine living somewhere and this is your backyard? Wow!

Not so amazing, also at the pharmacy museum, were these scary stairs leading to the second and third floors: creepy staircase

I made it to where I took the picture, but was too much of a baby to go any higher. Those steps felt like they were ready to give out at any moment!

One of the other things I found myself drawn to photographing while we were there, were the wrought iron porches! I’d never seen anything like them – and they were all amazing, of course!

did I mention I loved the porches?

So, yeah, I had a great weekend in New Orleans and would suggest it as a vacation spot to anyone. I liked that there was so much going on that no matter where you went it there was something interesting going on. I think it would be really overwhelming to live there, but visiting is fun.


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