10 Feb

So, I finally got around to (mostly) cleaning out my craft space and inspired by a recent day spent in Nashville I pulled out some of the fabrics that my husband had bought for me when he last went to Gabon. I decided to make a couple of Buttercup Bags, from the Made by Rae blog.

Wonky night-time pics aside, I think they came out pretty cute.

Small Buttercup Bag
This one was made using the smaller Buttercup pattern. I found a silloutte of a bird online and used some Gabonese fabric to applique it onto the purse, then I embroidered the bird’s legs and eye (thanks to my recently learning and LOVING of French knots).

After finishing the smaller purse, I used the same Gabonese fabric for the entire outside of a purse and made the larger version.
Large Buttercup Bag
I wasn’t sure how I felt about this fabric when my husband came home with it, but I really like it in purse form. The inside is lined with the same mauve fabric that I used on the outside of the smaller purse.

I have tons more Gabonese fabrics I’m dying to try out on these purses…if only I didn’t have to work a real job during the day…

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