Good-bye friend

20 Oct

Bosie Catt
So, last week my husband and I noticed that one of our cats, Bosie was acting strangely. He was being very affectionate…which for him was strange. We’d been having a lot of problems with him terrorizing one of the other cats (there are two others) for about a year.

Anyway, on Friday we noticed that he was being very lethargic and seemed smaller (for the record, last time we took him to the vet’s he was well over 20 pounds). We made a vet appointment for Saturday morning. On Saturday, the vet thought that Bosie was having liver failure, which was not good. He gave some some antibiotics for Bosie in case it was an infection and told us to take him home and monitor whether or not he eats. Also, he weighed about 16 pounds – which I don’t think he’d weighed in a long time.

He didn’t eat, until Sunday night when he ate a spoonful of yogurt and a quarter pouch of tuna – this was a cat that would knock the feeding dish out of your hand if he thought you weren’t feeding him fast enough. We were hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Yesterday, we brought him in and the vet thought that since he hadn’t eaten and over the weekend had developed problems walking and breathing…that maybe he had cancer, which he couldn’t tell us for sure without extensive testing. The vet also told us what he would do if it were his cat. I have to admit, that I really like our vet and trust him as he’s been really good with our dogs and the other cats. So, we decided to have Bosie put to sleep, we didn’t want to prolong his suffering nor did we want to have invasive surgery done that may or may not have made him better.

It was weird waking up this morning without Bosie around to beg for more food – or to hear him terrorizing the other cats during the night. An unexpected nice thing to come from this though, is that the cat whom Bosie terrorized the most has come out of hiding and is joining the rest of us constantly – I would hazzard a guess that she’s the only one who is happy that Bosie is gone (even if he was her brother).


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