23 Apr

I didn’t take any pictures on Easter. Well, that’s a bold faced lie – I took one. This one:


It’s the only picture I took because despite my husband being a practicing Catholic and my kids going to church with him, we don’t really do Easter.

Yes it’s partially because a certain handsome boy goes absolutely banana pants when he comes in contact with a bit too much sugar. But it’s also because of a douche bag known as the Easter Bunny. I hate that guy.

Last year, I got the kids hyped up about Easter. They were so excited! I even managed to hide little eggs with jelly beans around the house for them and told them the Easter Bunny did it. And yes, this is where the problems started. Bea started asking lots of questions – did I see the EB? Is the EB coming back? Why did he come to our house? Why jelly beans?

Bea also kept checking and rechecking the plastic eggs as if to see if there would be more jelly beans inside. So, I thought it would be funny when they were having lunch in the kitchen if I refilled the eggs. HUGE MISTAKE Lucien happily ate the new jelly beans and didn’t even question why there was new jelly beans. But Bea, she backed away from the eggs like they were poison and yelled “Easter Bunny is a sneaky guy!!” She was freaking out. She wouldn’t go upstairs to the bathroom – she thought he was waiting for her up there…

We ended up going out for a while but she kept freaking out so bad that I had to reveal to my two 3 year olds last year that the Easter Bunny was fake. You’d think that would solve it, but no. It didn’t. They actually are still completely terrified of the Easter Bunny! I think for a whole Bea thought he lived in Lucien’s closet and was laying in wait to murder all of us – we actually put a lock on the outside of the closet door, to keep him in, and that seemed to help a bit.

Fast forward to this year – he went to their school, because he’s a jerk. And the night before Easter, Bea asked if daddy could sleep on the couch downstairs so he could be a line of defense against the Easter Bunny going upstairs. And she also asked if I could call the EB and see if I could meet him outside to get their baskets. The whole time I was saying, “you mean the baskets is bought you because the Easter Bunny is fake?” But they’re believers, that he’s real despite what I’ve been telling them for a year. I also think they think the EB has moved out. I told them he went on vacation to Disney a few months back and they said EB wanted to move in with Mickey and Donald. I’m glad they’re all in the know of someone they know is fake.

I suppose this is sort of funny to hear, except when you see them be completely freaked out. I mean, I laugh about it – I think they will too when they’re older. Mostly now it just means there’s a little handsome boy in bed with me in the morning instead of my husband.

Quick trip

15 Apr

The kids and I took a quick trip to visit my mom. Mostly to pick up the last of my dad’s papers – here’s some advice: have proper life insurance and your affairs in order when you died otherwise, it is a pain in the ass for everyone else…anyway…

We had a lot of fun with my mom. It was super nice out so the kids got to play outside.



(Before someone asks, Bea’s dress is from Kohl’s and his pants are from Target and the top is Kohl’s)

I also took this picture of Bea and my mom, my mom said to her “let’s pose!” And this is what Bea did:


Lastly, the kids also did a lot of hair salon on my mom, which she loved:


I lied, here’s one last picture, when I was going through my dad’s papers we found his wallet and inside this was the first picture:


It made me sad. I was maybe 3 or so in that picture, and my parents have been divorced for about 18 years (they divorced when I was 21). It’s weird and sad what people hide from their loved ones.

Fusion Union wrap up

29 Mar

Last weekend was the Fusion Union event. My husband came with me as my helper – doesn’t he look excited to be there?


We did actually have a great time. We met a lot of really fun people and I made a few sales, which was awesome, and I got try some amazing gluten free baked goods (from Get Baked – I want to marry them, this place is so good).

I’ve been spending the rest of this week slowly updating my etsy shop with a lot of the things I made for Fusion Union that didn’t sell and with other items I’ve been secretly working on. I think photographing and uploading everything to etsy is taking as long to do as it did to make everything. Haha.

Oh, here’s a picture of me behind my booth – I’m clearly way more excited.



Fashion Friday

28 Feb

Fashion Friday is a semi-weekly series in which I will highlight some of my children’s outfits.

I haven’t been doing as many Fashion Friday posts lately because the kids wear uniforms to school…so it would be the same outfit every week! But this week, their school had a dress down Friday. I let Bea and Lucien pick out their outfits themselves. Bea was very excited about this and woke us up very early to get dressed.


Lucien is wearing his favorite yellow submarine t shirt (from Target, a couple years ago – we will all be sad when it no longer fits!). His pants are also from Target, from the Harajuku Mini collection – yes, they’re girl’s pants. We don’t care, he loves those pants, a lot. So, I let him wear them. I bought them for Bea, but she hates them.

Bea is wearing a whole lotta look. The cardigan, I knit from a Noro pattern. The dress is from Target from a couple years ago. I think the green top was thrifted, the tights were from Granny and I think her sneakers were also from Target.

Clearly, I shop somewhere way too often as I’m looking at my own outfit right now and it’s from the same store…uuhhh, and so is my husband’s outfit. Haha.

Preschool drama

27 Feb

You may not know this, but we really hit the jackpot with Lucien – he’s a really happy go lucky kid. He’s our little Mr Personality. He’s also very kind and empathetic.

So, the other day I was concerned when he kept telling Bea that he hated her. Then when I tried to break up the fight, he told me he hated me! I was told him that he could hate me but he needed to give me a reason – of course he couldn’t.

Here’s the thing, he’s 4 – he shouldn’t be hating anything! Where did he learn to talk like that? It wasn’t from us. I immediately thought it was from his friends at preschool, you know, catholic school…ugh.

The day after this drama started Lucien told us about how his bff wanted him to hit a girl in their class, but he didn’t because “mommy said I shouldn’t hit girls.” He then went on to tell my husband that his bff didn’t want to be his friend any more because he wouldn’t hit the girl.

A couple days go by with no hate talk, no mention of the bff or hitting girls…then on Monday, as we were leaving swim class, Lucien says to me “I hate myself.” I had to find out why – it was because the bff was now an ex-bff and he was really upset about it. My initial reaction was to say “fuck that kid,” but you can’t say that to a 4 year old. We called my mom on Skype and ended up having a talk with her about how you need to love yourself. We’ve also started repeating the words of RuPaul every morning “if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

And yes, I had a talk with his teacher and she said their was nothing weird going on. Maybe Lucien was just being overly sensitive. I don’t know, but he was really upset. I didn’t really know what to do, I didn’t think drama like this started at age 4! Ugh!!


24 Feb

I’ve been spending my days recently making some boutonnières for the Fusion Union Wedding Expo. I’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with different combinations of flowers, beads, shells (yes, shells!), and succulents. Seriously – I’m having so much fun making things for this wedding expo, I want to get married again, just so I can completely DIY my whole wedding (again!).


Here are some pictures of some of the boutonnières I’ve made, I haven’t photographed all of them, mostly because it’s really hard to get a decent picture of them.


Like I said hard to photograph, but this is the one with the seashell in the middle. It looks much better in person.

My mom made fun of this one when I showed it to her. She said no one in their right mind would like orange and blue together and why did I pick such dark colors for my samples…

This is the first one I made. I love these silver balls. I was thinking of trying to make one of just the silver balls, but wasn’t sure if that would be too weird.

I’m way into succulents lately, maybe because of all this snow! I need to experiment with the succulents a bit more, I think.

As I make these, I’m getting more and more excited and nervous about the expo. It’s a totally different market and direction for me, but I feel like it’s the right way to go. At least it feels like when I’m making these things, these are what I should be making, like it isn’t forced…so, we’ll see…

Sick days

22 Feb

I have been so sick – I had bronchitis and pneumonia, then my husband got pneumonia…we’ve been waiting to see if the kids get it, and so far, they’ve been healthy – thank goodness!

As a result of our varied illnesses, we haven’t been able to leave the house much and combine that with all the snow we’ve been getting – I am a seriously looking forward to spring!

Anyway, I think the kids are getting a bit stir crazy because Bea dressed herself like this and called herself a Princess. I just went with it.


Lucien also dressed himself in scarves, including some tied around his waist and legs, and called himself a pirate – but he wouldn’t let me take a picture.

Tie it up

7 Feb

I’ve been a bow tie making machine over here for the Fusion Union Wedding Expo.

I thought I’d show some of the ones I’ve made recently as I think they’ve been coming out really good and I’m so, so excited about them!



These last two are my recent faves – I love that sailor fabric – I found it in Maine years ago and love it so much I’ve never wanted to cut into it. The wax cloth is from a friend of mine who clearly knows the way to my heart! I love how the selvedge looks wrapped around the bow.


Crafty things

31 Jan

I’m so excited! I just found out I’m going to be vending atFusion U ion Wedding Expo, this March 22!

I’ve never vended at a wedding expo, but I think that my bow ties, cake toppers and new items (see that tease?) are a perfect fit! I’ve been spending my days making embroidery samples for custom wedding embroideries – like this one:


I have more planned, and they’re all completely customizable! I’m also bringing my embroidered portraits as I want to let brides know I can embroider wedding portraits as well.

I’ll keep posting new items that I’ll have at the expo, as I make them. I’m pretty excited about some of my newer items!!

Some thoughts -

30 Jan

Quite a few of my friends have asked for my thoughts regarding the recent episode of 48 Hours that featured Congolese adoption. I figured I’d just write a post about it, even though I might have an unpopular opinion about it.

First, you can watch it here.

Second, now that you’ve watched it –

Yes, the woman in it, Sue, is really awful, truly she comes off like a terrible person. But, the family adopting comes off, to me, as willfully clueless – they act like they didn’t know a single thing about Congo, or that there was corruption in Congolese adoption – a quick google search would turn up any of that information. Seriously. I realize not everyone is married to an African history professor, but Google can tell you a lot. So, another problem I had with it, is they never explained how they got their exit letter so quickly. Like they just happened to get it on the day they were leaving? Maybe that was just editing?

That said, let’s go back to Sue – she seems to have a fairly clear track record of either being corrupt herself or of working with corrupt individuals in country but the US government is either unwilling or unable to investigate her? That seems odd. I guess with the new Hague requirement that goes into effect in July, she’ll be out of business anyway.

Also, a lot of you probably already know, but for the time being Congolese adoptions are at a standstill. They’ve been shutdown since September. A friend of mine, since grammar school!, she has a little girl she’s waiting to bring home. She went over for five weeks and had to leave her daughter there, which is unimaginable. As willfully clueless as I might think a lot of these waiting parents are(because I’m a terrible person, apparently), I still hope they can get their kids soon.


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