How is it already fall?!?

21 Oct

I had all the best intentions of keeping up with writing after our move this summer, but then time got away from me. And now that things are somewhat winding down – I’ve been super busy as I’ve gone back to school part time! Holy cow, the amount of reading is insane! I’m also making B & L’s Halloween costumes this year, because they both wanted to be Wonder Woman and Elsa. So, if I make the costumes, they can be something else, as long as I can make it.

I’ve also been trying to carve out some time to make crafty things, to keep my sanity. Over the weekend, I made these nifty horse necklaces. I may put one in my etsy, I’m not sure yet.



I have a couple more necklaces I started but haven’t had a chance to finish. Hopefully I’ll have time – I have a paper due for a class this week!

Summer is flying by!

16 Aug

I hadn’t intended on taking a summer off from blogging, but with the house move and the kids out of school and playing outside…I never quite found the time to write anything. We haven’t been doing a lot, mostly playing outside and unpacking, and counting the days for school to start back up.

Bea turned 5 a few days ago. Her chronic ear infection cleared up enough that she was able to return to swim lessons. But she decided that she doesn’t want to get her hair or her face wet, that causes problems…so, we got her a swim cap. She’s adorable when she wears it! On the morning she turned 5, she asked my husband for coffee and declared “I’m five! I can do anything I want!” Unfortunately for her, she was wrong…

We have also spent our Saturdays going to tag sales. We found some stuff mostly in the form of toys. But we’ve also been leaving the house late and trying to sleep in. Next week the kids start soccer, putting a krink in my estate sale plans! How dare they! Haha!



Just some random summer pictures – bathing cap, birthday and my husband with Lucien.

My Aha Moment

11 Jul

A while back I was emailed based on this blog to come and talk about my Aha Moment for the Aha Moment tour. I kind of hedged because, like I kept telling my husband, I don’t have an Aha Moment!

Then it dawned on me that I actually kinda did have one…

Here’s my video, it’s online if you want to see it click here.

Making friends

27 Jun


As you know we’ve just moved to our house. But there’s a Dominican family that lives behind us. Every single day, Lucien has been pining for the little girl to come over and play…

Today – out of nowhere she came running over and he ran towards her, they hugged and didn’t say a word. He then got in our car and we went to the store. On the way there he said “we hugged, I love her and she loves me. We’re friends.”

I wish it was that easy for me to make friends!!

Anyway…we got back from the store, he and Bea invite the girl over, they played here and then went to her house and played. We met her mom, and made a new friend, too I guess. Her mom told me that she went running into the house with my two screaming “come meet my new friends!! I love them!!”

* the picture at the top is Bea and Lucien playing with their new to them Barbie house – I love when they play together nicely!

Here’s why I’ve been quiet

25 Jun

We’ve been packing and moving into our new place! It’s been very overwhelming! We have come to the realization that we have almost no furniture, but somehow we have 5 coffee tables…what’s up with that? I thought I’d just make this quick with a bunch of pictures.

This is me with my husband in front of the house about 2 hours before the closing, I call this one “two dorks buy a house.”


We aren’t too excited…

I’ve shown a picture of my new kitchen, so here’s some more info on the house – the last person to live in it was a 92 year old woman and her (according the to neighbors) agoraphobic son in his 60s. The husband, who died a decade ago, was a doctor who had his practice at the front of the house – there’s a waiting room, an office and an exam room. It’s really odd but the office and exam rooms will make for excellent sewing/craft/art space with all their built ins – see:


I’ve finally got a spot for all my Pyrex, and nope, this isn’t all of it – we haven’t found it all yet. I told my husband that if there’s a house fire that after the kids and dogs, I’m saving the Pyrex next – the cat’s on her own.


The kids, and dogs, have been loving the fenced yard!


This picture was taken in the front/side of the house, the backyard is insane with trees, shrubs and bushes – which I guess makes sense if the last two people to live here were agoraphobic, that backyard is mad secluded (and buggy). Also note that Bea is showing some princess realness by wearing a handmade dress to play in the backyard!

And I’ll leave you with a picture showing how I’m not the only one overwhelmed in the new place –


Four years

3 Jun


Four years ago today, my husband and I got on a plane to Kinshasa to meet Beatrice and Lucien. I was so nervous, I threw up the entire flight there – yes, the entire time, from Nashville to DC, DC to Rome, Rome to Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa to Brazzaville and Brazzaville to Kinshasa – I was in the loo. I barely slept. It was not pleasant. I did manage to knit a pair of socks though…and yes, Jeremy slept the entire way.

Miss Josephine update and more

28 May

For those of you wondering, Miss Josephine is doing much better. She has stopped wearing the cone of shame but she is still finishing up the antibiotics. Her fur is starting to grow back a bit too. I’m really relieved, it was really gross the first day of we she licked her ‘pants’ off.

In other news, I’ve entered B&L in a Parents magazine cover photo contest. Maybe you’d like to vote for them? If you vote for them, I might be your best friend. :)

The big move is still going, as well as can be expected. I’d ask why we always move in the middle of summer when we don’t want to pack because it’s too hot, but we once moved cross country in January – it wasn’t much better. At least this move will be across town, and doesn’t involve bringing two dogs and three cats…

Speaking of packing…I should get back to it, but I’ll leave you with a picture of the new place.


I kinda knew this was meant to be our house when I saw the kitchen – there’s a funky floral wallpaper along the top border that didn’t show up well in this picture, but I have matching fabric! Crazy, right?

Miss Josephine

22 May

Our nervous dog, Miss Josephine, is very nervous about our impending move. So nervous that she’s been licking herself a lot, a lot, to the point where she’s no longer wearing ‘pants.’ We took a trip to the vet, to make sure she was okay – she licked herself so much that she gave herself an infection!

We also got this:


Look how smug she is!

Well, after a couple days of wearing it and taking her meds – she was a lot less smug:


But, don’t feel too bad for her. We keep it off her most of the day and just monitor her closely. And she’s been getting a lot of gentle attention and hugs from everyone, which she usually loves very much.


Excuse the moving boxes in the pictures…

I should get back to doing just that, packing. I just want this whole move to be over with, and so does Miss Josephine I’m sure.


Wordless Wednesday: they’re getting tall!

21 May



16 May

I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d last written!

We had a lot happening, and I had a lot of posts planned that just didn’t get written. I’ll try to catch you up on some of it.

The kids went to their first carnival. After going on the Ferris wheel the first time, Lucien declared “when I’m big, I’m going to ride the Ferris wheel every day!” Of course I took pictures:



Lucien kept his arm around Bea the whole time on this ride so she wouldn’t get scared. It was so cute!

We also started going to the park a lot more to get some toddler energy out.


This will be Lucien’s first album cover, I think. :)

We also went to look at a bunch of houses, here are some highlights:

This house had funky wallpaper all over it, and a huge leak in the attic. But I wanted all the funky wallpaper, some of it was very Florence Broadhurst.

I’d never seen this before, it’s a built into the counter blender.

That wallpaper along the top, I have fabric that matches it almost exactly.

Curious as to which place we ended up getting?


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